Discovering Bank Ripsy: A Rising Star in the Rock n Roll World

Rock n roll artist Bank Ripsy finally revealed his talent releasing three singles right at the beginning of 2023 that will resonate your eardrums with a heavenly music listening experience. Sweet voice complimented with catchy melodies and percussive arrangements, you are bound to fall in love with Bank Ripsy’s songs. 

To talk about Bank Ripsy’s songs, the track “Animal” is the first one that comes on Spotify. This track starts with a softcore piano melody that resonates with bass notes and the sweet voice enters creating tension in the track. Later, the tension is released in the chorus that comes with the drums that will hit right at your heart. In the middle, the solo will touch your mind and play its part to make this song a great one. 

“Black Soul” is complimented with a catchy guitar melody that plays throughout the whole song (at least inside your head) maintaining sudden ups and downs. After listening to this track first time, it will keep ringing subconsciously and you will feel the urge to listen to it again. 

The most favorite track could be “Troubles Gone” where the guitar intro is more uplifting giving the song a bit fast pace right at the beginning with 4/4 bass drumming. The song changes its momentum in the chorus and here with backing vocals Bank Ripsy’s voice sounds exceptionally beautiful. Perhaps, the acoustic guitar chord rhythm gives this part extra charm hats off to the artist's song composition skill. 

With driving rhythms and catchy chorus and smooth vocal delivery Bank Ripsy will be a popular name in the rock n roll world in no time. He will release a couple of new songs very soon. Stay tuned with Bank Ripsy on Spotify and Youtube to get his latest updates and more. 


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You say I'm an animal, I could tear your heart out, see it bleed. You're my only angel, I will bring your wings out, so you're free. 

Did it allow you, I don't wanna fear anymore, did it allow many to, do it do it, do it, more. - Animal 


1 in 10 people suffer from mental illness. This has become their own personal "Animal"